Independent Agents

Select Benefit Solutions is an experienced team of benefits specialists and enrollers who can serve the Agent to provide the best employee benefit solutions possible.

How We Provide Value

  • We can enroll for you or educate you and your enrollment team on successful time tested methods and products.
  • Shop multiple carriers on your behalf. This means competitive products at a better price for your client.
  • Offer excellent commissions without unnecessary management in the hierarchy driving down your earnings.
  • Lifetime renewals and easier to reach vesting.
  • Provide business friendly carriers & simple/free enrollment technology (No expensive computers to buy).
  • Ability to reach out directly to underwriters and those who can help get business issued.
  • Ability to build a book of business that a carrier cannot claim ownership of.
  • A support team that you can count on, that has experience and ideas of how to achieve your goals.